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Refuse & Yard Waste
Pick Up

Canton Twp. provides an interactive map which shows when pick ups are made in various neighborhoods.  Trash and recyclables are picked up on the day indicated.  Yard waste is picked up on Saturday.

Canton residents can now report missed GFL pickups using an internet form instead of by phone.  This new and convenient feature is found on the Canton Township website. 

In addition to reporting missed pickups to GFL website reporting keeps the township current on GFL's performance.

GFL is currently running 1-2 days behind schedule.  Please wait 24 hours before submitting your missed pickup.

Canton's website provides the GFL holiday schedule and general curbside pick-up information along with on-line answers to many of your collection questions. 

You can also find complete guidelines for all forms of waste on this Canton Township webpage.

Reminder, over sized trash containers may no longer be used.

Curbside pick-up of residential yard waste begins the first week in April and ends the first week in December.   Christmas tree collections are made the first two weeks in January.  Yard waste guidelines can be found at the bottom this Canton Township webpage.

To avoid confusion yard waste should be placed with recyclables on the opposite side of your driveway from your trash.  Recycling placed in clear plastic bags and set next to trash will be considered refuse and collected with the trash.



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