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What Is A Computer Cookie?

In their most basic form, computer cookies are text-strings that websites save to your hard disk.  These virtually invisible text files are all very different.  Each with their own mission, these cookies are made to track, collect, and store any data that companies request.  They serve as a memory tool and are able to recognize your online behavior and remember your actions.  While this may sound negative, cookies are actually what makes the World Wide Web work the way it does.  Whether you are online shopping, logging in to an account, or browsing the internet, cookies are responsible for your overall online experience.

Does This Site Use Cookies?

Yes, this site uses only session cookies.  Our session cookie is created on your computer only if you enter a password to enter the restricted area.  It allows you to re-enter the restricted area without having to re-enter the password.  Session cookies are deleted when you close your web browser.

This website does NOT use third-party (aka tracking) cookies.

What Types of Computer Cookies Are There?

There are three types of computer cookies: 1) session, 2) persistent, and 3) third-party.  

What Are Session Cookies?

Session cookies are temporary cookies that memorize your online activities.  Since websites have no sense of memory, without these cookies, your site browsing history would always be blank.  In fact, with every click you would make, the website would treat you as a completely new visitor.

A good example of how session cookies are helpful is online shopping.  When you’re shopping online, you can check-out at any time.  That’s because session cookies track your movement.  Without these cookies, whenever you would go to check-out, your cart would be empty.

Ultimately, session cookies help you maneuver through the internet by remembering your actions, and they expire as soon as you close out of a web page.

What Are Persistent Cookies?

Persistent cookies (also known as first-party cookies) work by tracking your online preferences.  When you visit a website for the first time, it is at its default setting.  But if you personalize the site to fit your preferences, persistent cookies will remember and implement those preferences the next time you visit the site.  This is how computers remember and store your login information, language selections, menu preferences, internal bookmarks, and more.

Persistent, permanent, and stored cookies are terms used interchangeably as these cookies are stored in your hard disk for (typically) a long period of time.  The cookie’s timeline will vary depending on the expiration date.  But, once that date is reached, the cookie will be deleted, along with everything you customized.  Luckily, websites prefer to employ a long-life span so that users can make the most of their personal preferences.

What Are Third-Party Cookies?

Third-party cookies, also referred to as tracking cookies, collect data based on your online behavior.  When you visit a website, third-party cookies collect various types of data that are then passed on or sold to advertisers by the website that created the cookie.  Tracking your interests, location, age, and search trends, these cookies collect information so that marketers can provide you with custom advertisements.  These are the ads that appear on websites you visit and display content relevant to your interests.

By tracking your habits and providing targeted ads, third-party cookies serve a useful purpose for marketers but can seem pesky and intrusive to internet users.  That’s why you have the option to block them.



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