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Water Drop Water

Water cross contamination occurs due to water back flow.    Back flow is the reversal of normal flow in a system due to back siphonage or back pressure.   Back flow can cause water from underground sprinkler systems, swimming pools, wash tubs, garden hoses etc. to back up into the water supply system.

The Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act institutes rules to protect drinking water and to prevent cross connections that may contaminate public drinking water systems.  All communities are required to implement a program for removal of all commercial and residential existing cross connections and the prevention of all future cross connections.  Canton conducts periodic cross contamination inspections to ensure compliance with the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act.  The 2020 inspections for zone 1, which includes our subdivision, began May 18th.

Backflow Preventer

To prevent cross contamination residential sprinkler system should have backflow prevention assemblies (shown left).

Vacuum BreakerTo prevent cross contamination from garden hoses all outside faucets should have vacuum breakers (shown right).  Remember that most in-ground sprinker systems have a faucet.  It must have a vacuum breaker whether or not the faucet is used.

For more information on Canton's CCC (Cross Contamination Connection) Program, visit:




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