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No VehiclesIf you see any vehicle in one of our parks notify the Parks Chairman immediately.

Association park rules prohibit motorized vehicles of any kind in our parks. This includes cars, trucks, trailers, snowmobiles, mini bikes and construction equipment.  At NO time are recreational vehicles allowed in the park.  

In the event a resident needs to bring a vehicle through the park permission MUST be obtained by contacting the Parks Chairman.  The Parks Chairman will notify the other Board members.  Until permission is given vehicles are NOT allowed to drive in the park.  Residents who notice vehicles in the park should contact a board member to make sure that they have permission.

Residents are responsible for repairing any damage.  This includes ruts made by the vehicle, damage to playground equipment or trees or to other residents' property.

The parks are for residents' enjoyment, so let's keep them safe and beautiful.




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