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Snow Plow Snow Removal

Snow plowing of our streets is performed by M&D Lawn & Landscape. 

Questions and concerns with snow removal should be directed to our association Property Manager Dennis Nagy.  Please email Dennis at or if it’s an emergency call 248-921-3909.  Please try to contact him while plows are still in the area so that we can address your concern. 

The Association Facebook page is the not forum to look for answers regarding snow removal.  Please refrain from using this and direct your questions to the person that has the answers.  

Snow Removal Procedures

Typically snow plowing services are performed after an accumulation of  1½" or more from any single snowfall during a 24 hour period.  Plowing begins within a reasonable amount of time after snow the snow fall has ended.  

M&D is to begin service within 2 hours of a snowfall reaching 6”, even if the snowfall has not stopped, this will be considered a “Snow Emergency”.  M&D will make at least 2 passes to “open up” streets for residents and emergency vehicles to navigate the sub-division and then fully clear the sub after storm has passed.  

All vehicles need to be removed from the street in order for effective and efficient snow plowing procedures. If vehicles are not removed from the street, the snow plowing service assumes no responsibility or liability for vehicles having snow plowed around them.  

It is understood that snow plowing will result in the snow forming a pile of snow along driveway entrances.  M&D does not remove any snow from individual properties.  

The snow plowing service generally marks outlines of the property in advance of snow falls.  The markers are the property of the snow plowing service and will be retrieved when snow removal season ends.

Salt Applications

Salt applications to sub-division intersections are made at the discretion of the board.  We take many things into consideration when deciding when to salt, this includes trying to manage the costs associated with salting.  While the safety of all residents and traffic is of upmost importance, budget does play a part in our decision making.  



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