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Snow Removal


Snow plowing of our streets is performed by Apex Snow Services

Concerns and questions with snow removal should be directed to our association Treasurer at 734-981-0344 or  Please try to contact him while plows are still in the area so that we can address your concern.

Typically snow plowing services are performed after an accumulation of two (2) inches or more from any single snowfall during a twenty-four (24) hour period.  Plowing begins within eight (8) hours of the completion of the snowfall.

It is acknowledged that eight (8) inches or more accumulation of snow from any single snowfall during a twenty-four (24) hour period is considered a snow emergency and snow plowing may be delayed, however, every effort will be made to plow the snow as expeditiously as possible.

All vehicles need to be removed from the street area in order for effective and efficient snow plowing procedures. If vehicles are not removed from the street generally the snow plowing service assumes no responsibility or liability for vehicles having snow plowed around them.

It is understood that snow plowing will result in snow forming a pile of snow along driveway entrances. The contractor does not remove any snow from properties. Generally arrangements may be made with a snow removal service for removal of snow at an additional cost to the homeowner.

The snow plowing service generally marks outlines of the property in advance of snow falls.  The markers are the property of the snow plowing service and will be retrieved when snow removal ends.

Salting is expensive.  Also salting is known to damage roads and we do not have the funds to pay for road repairs.  As a result salting will be limited.

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