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Road Plowing
Snow Plow 

Many residents have been inquiring as to who is responsible for plowing and salting the roads in Canton.  Because Canton is a township, and not a city, it is not responsible for any roads in the community.

LOCAL ROADS: Most subdivision streets are maintained by contactors working for the local neighborhood Homeowners Associations (HOA).  Parkwood Estates residents should direct their snow removal questions, comments or concerns to the HOA's Property Manager.

Subdivision roads owned by Wayne County are considered Priority Level V (lowest).  Snow removal on these roads will not begin until there is an accumulation of more than 6” and travel is difficult.  Work on these roads will only be done during regular work hours without using overtime.  Please note: If icy conditions exist, Ice Control Sand will be used instead of salt.

STATE & COUNTY ROADS:  Plowing related questions on non-residential public roads should be forwarded to the Wayne County Department of Public Service (DPS) at 1-888-ROAD-CREW.  However, due lack of funding resources, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Wayne County DPS will continue with a reduced level of service during winter maintenance operations.  Again this winter, state highways throughout Michigan will be designated either Priority Service Level I or II.

 Wayne County provides MDOT with services on three state-owned highways that bisect Canton; I-275, Michigan Avenue (US-12), and Ford Road (M-153).

Under the modified maintenance program, I-275 has been designated Priority Service Level I Route, highest level of service, while most of Ford Road and Michigan Avenue have been designated Priority Service Level II Routes.

During snow events, there will be no change in winter maintenance operations on either routes; however, on Priority I routes, County maintenance crews will work to clear ice and snow off 75% of the pavement both during and after a snow event, using overtime if necessary.

Priority Level I routes are MDOT-identified "corridors of significance" based on traffic volume.

On Priority Level II routes, County maintenance crews will work to clear most snow and ice from roads. At a minimum, roads will be cleared for one wheel-track in each direction by the conclusion of a snow event. The remainder of the snow and ice on Level II routes will be cleared as soon as possible after the snow event without working overtime. Although Level II routes will be passable, they will not necessarily be completely clear until sometime after snow has stopped accumulating.




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