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Contact our Parks Chairman 2 weeks prior to your event to reserve a pavilion!
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Park Pavilions

Park PavilionCovered pavilions were added to each of our subdivision parks (Loveland, Blue Mountain and Winter).  The location of each pavilion was based on soil conditions, park entrances and proximity to the children's play area.

Pavilions are used for our annual Easter Egg Hunt and Subdivision Picnic.

The Board of Directors would also like all residents in good standing to enjoy using the pavilions for  functions such as family gatherings, scout troop meetings and birthday or graduation parties.

Each pavilion can be reserved for a special occasion by contacting the Parks Chairman at least two (2) weeks prior to the date to be requested.  A permit will be issued for that day. There will also be a posting at the requested pavilion on the day reserved.  If you do not have a reservation you can still use the pavilion if no one else is using it; or, no one else has reserved it for that day.

Keep It TidyPlease remember that the Association is made up of volunteers. The Association does not pay for trash clean-up of the pavilions or Parks, so remember to clean-up the trash and haul it away.


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