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The Parkwood Estates Homeowners Association wants to recognize those homeowners who make an effort to keep their property attractive and pleasing.  Homes with curb appeal make us proud of our community as well as help maintain property values. 

Thomas L. BowdenTo recognize homes in our subdivision with curb appeal the association has established a Curb Appeal Contest.  The curb appeal contest was created in honor of long time resident, board member and association Parks Chairman Thomas L. Bowden.  Tom took great pride in the appearance of our subdivision and worked tirelessly maintaining our three parks, cul de sacs and boulevards.

 Each year three homeowners* will be awarded a $35 prize.  Judging takes place in June.  See the association calendar for details.

* Eligability is described in the Curb Appeal Board Procedure.

 Congratulations to Our 2016 Winners

42629 Redfern
42709 Redfern
42714 Boulden Court

Honorable Mentions Go To

1571 Walnut Ridge Circle
42795 Redfern
1392 Copeland Circle

Congratulations to past year's winners:


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