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Assoc. Seal Association Board Procedures

To facilitate proper functioning of the association board and ensure transparency the board has established the formation of Association Board Procedures

These procedures are intended to capture institutional knowledge.  As such they should be considered a knowledge data base.  They are created by vote of the board.  In addition to the procedure, appendices are used to document information useful in carrying out the respective procedure.  Example, a list of potential landscape bidders may be appended to the Landscape Request for Quote Procedure.

Board procedures are written by lay people for lay people.  They are intended to aid the board in the day-to-day running of the association.  They are not considered legal binding documents.  Procedure language should be considered to use common dictionary terms.  Interpretation of board procedures shall be the responsibility of the association board and the board’s interpretation is final.

Questions about association procedures should be directed to the association secretary.


Creation, Approval and Amending of Board Procedures

Curb Appeal Contest

Annual Financial Review

Approval of Motions Between Board Meetings

Banking Procedure

Dues Collection Procedure

Financial Reporting Procedure

Privacy Procedure

Record of Assets


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