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By-Law Changes

Our association has three governing documents; 1) Articles of Incorporation, 2) Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions and the 3)  ByLaws. This year is important to our subdivision because after 43 years we are planning to revise and update our association ByLaws.

The board has created a By-Law Change Committee.  The committee chairman is board Treasurer Bob Fortune.  Committee members include the board Secretary Roxanne Henke and webmaster Rick Pidsosny.

So far the committee has identified 20 changes to the ByLaws. Revisions include clarification on how we operate both as a board and members.  Revisions also address technology changes over the years. 

Pamphlets with a summary of changes were distributed to all members prior to our Town Hall Meeting held February 13, 2018. 

The proposed By-Law revisions have changed based on Town Hall Meeting feedback.  Click HERE for an updated Summary of Changes.  Click  HERE to read the proposed By-Laws (both changed and unchanged sections).

Changing the By‑Laws requires a membership vote.  It is important that association members be informed and provide feedback.   Updates will continue to be posted on our website. 

Members will be notified of updates posted on the website via newsletters, emails and Facebook postings.  Be sure to check back often.

By-Law Changes will be voted on changes at the November 13, 2018 Annual Membership Meeting.  The committee is developing the Ballot & Proxy.  The Ballot & Proxy will be distributed to each member approximately 15 business days prior to the November meeting.

If you have questions about the changes click HERE to contact the By-Law Change Committee.


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2019 Dues Bill To Be Mailed December 1st.

By-Law Change Voting is Closed.  Results expected 11/20/2018.

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