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**  2022 Dues Are $115 - Dues Paid After Jan. 31, 2022 Are $140  **

2022 Annual Assessments

Home Assessment Our Association By-Laws state that assessments  are an obligation of all subdivision homeowners.  Assessments are used to pay for grass cutting, park & berm maintenance, snow plowing, equipment replacement, insurance, community activities and legal services.

The subdivision's Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions allow for an annual 5% increase in association assessments.  The association board has decided not to raise the 2022 assessment.  The 2022 assessment is therefore $115.

Invoices are mailed December 1st.  Invoices include unpaid past assessments and penalties if applicable.  Homeowners can obtain a copy of misplaced invoices by contacting our Property Manager.

Payment is due January 1, 2022.  The 2022 assessments are payable without penalty until January 31, 2022.  Payments made after January 31st are subject to a
$25 late fee. 
 Allow 60 days for payment processing.


* Pay by check or money order.  Be sure your check includes your
lot number.  Click HERE for a list of lot numbers.  When paying via the USPS please return the invoice with your payment.  Make checks payable to Smokler Truesdell.  Mail payments to:

Smokler Truesdell Association

P.O. Box 87066 

Canton, MI 48187

* Pay online via check using your banks check payment service.  Be sure your check  includes your lot number.  Click HERE for a list of lot numbers.  Make checks payable to Smokler TruesdellMail payments to:

 Smokler Truesdell Association
P.O. Box 87066
Canton, MI 48187

* Pay online using ZEGO Powered by PayLeaseZEGO supports payments using credit card*, debit card*, electronic bank transfer and PayPal.  There is a fee for using ZEGO.  The fee varies depending on the payment's amount and method of payment.
* Accepted credit types are Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


The first step is to create a ZEGO account.  To create an account you will need to know your lot number.  Click HERE for a list of lot numbers.  To create a ZEGO account click HERE and follow the instructions. 


Once you have created an account click HERE to sign in.  Select the One Time Payment option then enter the payment amount.  The payment fee will be shown for each payment method.  Select your payment method and follow screen instructions.


A lien may be placed on the homeowner's property or legal action taken for unpaid assessments as specified in our Association By-Laws and Dues Collection Procedure.




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